Don’t run with sheep, the Shepard can’t heard me. 

2,454 plays My Blue Supreme Interpol El Pintor


"Love comes, honey, take it…" 

Interpol - My Blue Supreme 

gotta remind myself shes none of my biz anymore. 

Anonymous asked:
are you seeing anyone?

yeah, mama market and she tries to fuck me everyday

Side note, watched “The Secret” the other day. Complete bullshit. Success breeds from obsessiveness so its not surprising ‘dreaming’ works.

Ight, im an interpol dork now. My brother just came back from Israel. Hates the fighting there, so happy he’s here now. 

This song was mixed / recorded perfectly. 

did 8 miles today. such a clear state of mind for self-reflection. highly recommended to anyone who feels overwhelmed. lace up, just run till your heart pumps acid. 

fun fact: you are your icon

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New Interpol album leaked… im hooked.